The FOCCUS inventory for Marriage Preparation gives couples the opportunity to discover strengths and areas for growth in their relationship by looking at issues including but not limited to: finances, parenting, religion & values, sexuality and personality match.

Couples complete an online inventory of their relationship resulting  in a Couple’s Report which is used by a trained facilitator in 4-6 follow-up sessions.

FOCCUS is not a test or a predictor of whether or not a marriage will succeed. Instead, it creates awareness of issues to help couples make decisions about their relationship.

The FOCCUS inventory is ideal for couples considering engagement or a long-term commitment, engaged couples and couples who have been married up to 3 years.  For couples married 4 years or more, a marriage enrichment inventory, REFOCCUS, is available and does not require a trained facilitator.

More information is available on the FOCCUS website.

To schedule a group facilitator training, please contact Jeri Lauren Lambert at

Individuals may also participate in the online facilitator training, available through the FOCCUS website.

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