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Young Adult Dialogue with the First Presidency

“Young adults, the church needs you. We need you now. We need you to help us become who we are all yearning to become.”

President Steve Veazey
Address to the church on April 5, 2009



Vision Project Focus Retreat

The First Presidency and Erica Blevins Nye (former Young Adult Ministries Specialist) met with over 30 young adult groups with approximately 900 participants around the globe between 2009 and 2011!




Building a response. The First Presidency and other church leaders called a meeting with a small, international group of young adults to explore what we can all to do address the hopes and concerns we shared in our gatherings. The group met in late April of 2011.

Common Themes found in responses from YA:

  • Community of Christ strengths
  • Young Adult Self Expectations
  • Congregational Life and Worship
  • Worship
  • Ministry and Leadership Development
  • Mentoring
  • Young Adult Specific Ministries
  • Mission
  • Communications
Areas of focus recommended for action:
  • Mentoring/Intergenerational Relationships
  • Young Adult Ministers’ Gatherings
  • Mission Center and Field Support
  • Priesthood Ministries
  • Congregational Life and Ministries
  • Young Adult Ministries Team
  • Vision Project Communications Plan\
  • Young Adult Leader Development Program

Current action taking place, as a result:

  • Young Adult Leader Development Program (The Leader Institute)
  • Young Adult Ministries Team
  • Vision Project Communications Plan
  • Young Adult Ministers’ Gatherings

Vision Project Outcome RESOURCES:

Vision Project Response Resource – by Erica Blevins-Nye

Ministry Together with Young Adults” by Erica Blevins-Nye PDF format



Background Information on Vision Project:

In his address to the church on April 5, 2009, Steve Veazey and the First Presidency committed to visit with young adults everywhere to capture our vision for Community of Christ. The Vision Project is their “world tour” to meet with us.

The Reason

Vision Project Focus RetreatYoung adults are vital for Community of Christ to offer relevant ministry in today’s world. We are sensitive to the realities of our fast-changing globe. We naturally navigate postmodern culture socially, technologically, and spiritually. And we are deeply aware of where the world most needs the healing and Peace of Jesus Christ. Community of Christ needs our fresh vision to understand who God is calling us to become next.

Church leadership is deeply aware of this. They want to hear our voice about… •How is the mission and message of Jesus Christ most relevant in our world now? •Where do we see the greatest need for Community of Christ ministry in the world today? •What new models or methods will it take to make it happen? •Where will we step up to take the lead?


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Ministry Together with Young Adults” by Erica Blevins-Nye PDF format

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Vision Project Focus Retreat

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