Starting a YA Group

Starting a Young Adult Group ed. by Kelly Phipps (Free full text PDF)

YA MINISTRY ACTION PLANS TEMPLATE – created by Rachelle Smalldon


In For Such a Time as This: Young Adults on the Future of the Church, Christian young adults offer an invigorating, new, and timely word on issues such as eco-justice, immigration, interfaith relations, peace and justice, and inclusivity of those on the margins.

Lohre and her contributors — representing a broad spectrum of cultures, races, and Christian traditions — offer a mutual exchange of ideas, experiences, and insights. More than a collection, however, this project is designed for intergenerational study and discussion. It offers a starting place for thinking about and moving towards the future together. Enter in and discover fresh wisdom, fresh thinking, and fresh ideas for the churches in the twenty-first century.

Key features:

A thought-provoking ecumenical collection that peers into the hearts, minds, and souls of the Millennial generation and their perceptions on the new role of the church Balances diverse themes with male and female voices, denominations, and perspectives that encompass a global view Invites readers to dialogue intergenerationally and collaboratively Divided into two major themes, re-envisioning Christian identity and relationships and renewing hope for the church’s witness today and into the future End-of-chapter discussion questions for small-group and Bible studies

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