Creative Ideas for YA Friendly Worship

Intergenerational Worship Ideas

Creative Ideas for Your Young Adult Friendly Worship
(with contributions from Meghan and Jayson Gray)

  • Young adults want quality. Prepare!
  • Offer variety from worship to worship
  • Drama or dramatic interpretation
  • Worship by candlelight or outside
  • Use video clips or YouTube-style home videos for “object lessons”
  • Sit in another formation: circle, at tables, lines facing each other, etc.
  • Music
    • Not all young adults want loud contemporary music – mix it up according to the needs of the worship and worshippers.
  • Try a variety of instruments and voices
  • Family-friendly: Include songs young kids know and like to sing
  • Stuff that challenges us to think:
    • Rhetorical questions
    • Relation to audience’s real life – “How does this sermon, etc., relate to me?”
    • Not only big picture concepts, but what does it mean in my life?
  • Give ways to apply the message in life:
    • What do I do from here?
    • Make it actionable.
      • Give examples
      • Make Disciple’s Generous Response and stewardship pertinent to young adult life issues

Interactive Worship:

  • Informal dialog instead of a sermon
  • Solicit information and comments from the audience
  • Allow time to ask questions
    • “Even after this sermon, what do you still not understand?”
    • “What do you doubt?”
    • Don’t have to give answers for the questions…
  • Pray as a group for one or two individuals who are present – just because.
  • Break up into small groups for discussion and learning

Worship by doing;

  • outreach for the community
  • Drawing or painting a picture while sermon is given to illustrate the topic
  • Have worshippers look up scripture during worship and read it out loud
  • Creative worship centers
  • Have prayer or reading done in the congregation (i.e. with handheld microphone)
  • Include dance
  • Use PowerPoint for sermons, Disciple’s Generous Response, children’s moments, etc.
  • Speaker is encouraged to move around and not just stand behind the podium
  • Worship in unusual formations, like praying or singing in a circle at the end of a service
  • Incorporate imagery or thought-provoking objects
  • Lead a worship “campfire style”
  • Invite a special evangelist, high priest or seventy to bring a unique blessing or focused ministry with the young adults
  • Tag-team message from a young adult and a senior citizen; newlywed couple and long-married couple; etc.

Other Worship Resources:


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