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Millenials in Adulthood” Pew Research Center

20 Things to Know Before You’re 30” by Debra K. Fileta

Where Mentoring Goes Wrong” by Sue Edwards and Barbara Neumann

Staying is the New Going” by Alan Briggs

The Millenial Generation is Doing Something” by

Why millenials are leaving the church” by Rachel Held Evans

How to keep Millenials in the church …” by Brett McCracken

Young Evangelicals are getting high” from The Christian Pundit blog

Connect Community Events to Worship” from The Lewis Center for Church Leadership (Leading Ideas)

A Church’s Most Important Hour of the Week” by achurchforstarvingartists

I Hate Church…” by Andrew Alleyne
I Hate Church…Part 2” by Andrew Alleyne

Tweeting My Life Away” by Glenn Packiam from Leadership Journal

The Danger of Tweetable Theology” by RELEVANT Magazine

Technology Changing Millennial Faith” by Herb Scribner, Deseret News

Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy” from Huffington Post: College

As College Graduates Hit the Workforce – So Do More Entitlement Minded Workers” from University of New Hampshire Media Relations

Gen Y Managers Perceived as Entitled...” by Kelley Holland

11 Traits of Churches that will Impact the Future” by

13 Issues for Churches in 2013” by

Why Nobody Wants to go to Church Anymore” by Steve McSwain @ HuffingtonPostReligion
Why Nobody Wants to go to Church Anymore – Part 2” by Steve McSwain @ HuffingtonPostReligion


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