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AFRICA – Congo, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

ASIA – India, Japan, Korea, Phillipines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan




Canada East Mission Center 

Canada West Mission Center 

CARRIBEAN Mission Center – Aruba, Dominican, Jamaica, Haiti


  • CENTRAL AMERICA – Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador
  • Mejia, Gonzalo, Mission Center President



WESTERN EUROPE MISSION CENTER – France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Spain

PACIFIC ISLANDS – Fiji Islands, French Polynesia, Guam, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea



British Isles Mission Center


Alabama – Northwest Florida Mission Center 

Arizona Mission Center 

Ark-La-Tex USA Mission Center – Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas

Bountiful Mission Center – Ohio, West Virginia

Brush Creek Mission Center – Illinois, Missouri

Cedar Valley – Nauvoo Mission Center – Illinois, Iowa, Missouri

Central Missouri Mission Center – Kansas, Missouri

Central Mission Center – Missouri

Chesapeake Bay Mission Center – Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, District of Columbia

Chicago Mission Center Illinois

Coastal Bend USA Mission Center – Louisiana, Texas

  • Austin, TX –  Chris Meier, Young Adult Co-coordinators

Eastern Great Lakes Mission Center – Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania

Far West USA Mission Center – Kansas, Missouri

Florida Mission Center

Gateway Mission Center – Illinois, Missouri

Graceland University – Lamoni, IA

Greater Pacific Northwest Mission Center – Alaska, Oregon, Washington

  • Sean Langdon, GPNW MC Young Adult Ministries Specialist (GPNW Young Adult Ministries contact for Alaska, Washington, and Oregon) 
  • Northwest and Central Washington
  • Oregon State University (OSU) Campus Ministry – Sean Langdon and Sheyne Benedict
  • Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon – Mary Schlenker, GPNW Central Young Adult Leader 
  • Southwest Oregon and Central Oregon – Sheyne Benedict, GPNW South Young Adult Leader 

Gulf USA Mission Center – Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi

Headwaters Mission Center – Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ontario (Canada), Wisconsin

Heart of Texas Mission Center

Inland West Mission Center – Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington

Kentucky-Indiana Mission Center – Kentucky, Indiana

Lamoni-Heartland Mission Center – Iowa, Missouri

Mexico-Texas Mission Center

Michigan/Canada Mission Center – Michigan, Indiana, Ontario

Michigan Mission Center – Campus Ministries

Mid-Atlantic Mission Center – Conneticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

Midlands Mission Center – Kansas, Missouri

Mid-South Mission Center – Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee

Military Ministries

New England Mission Center – Conneticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont

Oklahoma USA Mission Center – Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas

Prairie Bluffs Mission Center – Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota

Rio Grande Mission Center – New Mexico, Texas

Rocky Mountain Mission CenterColorado, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Wyoming

Sierra Pacific Mission Center – California, Nevada

South Central States Mission Center – Arkanasas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma

  • Jonesboro, AR area – Tave Baker, Youth & Young Adult Leader
  • Springfield, MO area –  Katy Ward-Kreisel, Youth, Campus & Young Adult Leader
  • Fayetteville, AK area –  Kortney Elkinton, Youth & Young Adult Leader
  • Pittsburgh, KS, area –  Sarah Shank, Young Adult Leader

Southeast USA Mission CenterGeorgia, North Carolina, South Carolina

Southern California Mission Center

Southwest International (Mexico/USA) Mission Center – California, Mexico, Nevada, Utah

Western Ohio Mission Center

  • Vern Foster, Mission Center President / Young Adult Minister

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