Innovative Ministries Team


Check this page to follow the activities and planning of the Innovative Ministries Team


By providing a resource of support and creative thought, we aim to inspire new expressions of meaningful communities.

We create opportunities for positive change that move the church forward to a place of significance while acknowledging our tradition and community identity.

We advocate for young adults and for opportunities that empower their visions and passions, resulting in a broader dialogue between diverse populations and church leadership; critical to the success of the Community of Christ.

With leadership development as a core value, we will provide experiences that develop individuals to serve through skills training and personal growth opportunities.

– Innovative Ministries Team (2014)




In response to the recommended action from the Vision Project, a Young Adult Ministries team was formed and is intended to serve as a support to the YA Ministries Specialist at International Headquarters, an advisory team to the First Presidency, and a strategic planning and advocate team for Young Adult Ministries.

Currently our core team members are:

Ben Smith (Melbourne, VIC Australia)
Noelle Gaffka (Mount Pleasant, MI USA)
Alfredo Zelaya-Martinez (Toronto, ON Canada)
Alicia Mitchell (Bendigo, VIC Australia)
Tiona Taylor (Toronto, ON Canada)
Rachelle Smalldon (Vancouver, BC Canada)

We want to work with you! Contact us by email or via social media to talk with us about how we can work together. This is OUR team. This is OUR community.

Follow what we’re up to, share posts and ideas, contribute your own.


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