Formed by Each Other

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Lenten Practice: Examen
Daily Act: Reflect on your life and consider the people who have helped you grow in your faith. Write a letter of gratitude to a person who has been formative to you.
Weekly Prayer Phrase: Repeat this phrase slowly as you breathe deeply. You may choose to memorize this phrase and repeat it throughout your day.


by Katie Harmon-McLaughlin

The soul is a pliable substance
We are formed by each other
Into holy shapes
Over time

If I were to begin to express
My abounding gratitude
For the many other souls
Who have participated
In shaping my own
It might go something like this:

Thank you for seeing me
Really seeing me
For taking a risk on the worth
And potential
You thought you saw
For investing yourself
So whole-heartedly
In the life of another
With no guarantee
Of anything in return

Thank you for awakening
Gifts lying dormant
And tending them
To fullest life in me

Thank you for the ways
You assured me
In each moment of doubt
Affirming my questions
As faithful
The questions themselves
Pathways into the future
I could not yet see
But could somehow still trust

Each word a shaping
Each moment a molding
Not into your likeness
But into the shape of the One
Shaping you
Shaping us

Thank you for what you never
Said out-loud
But lived
Which I noticed
Which I admired
Which I desired to live
Which spoke louder
Than anything

“You hold precious lives in your hands. Be gentle and gracious with one another.”
Doctrine & Covenants Section 162

Notification: Call Sent. Please Respond


I’m generally opposed to the idea that people should have the ability to contact me 24 hours a day via a small mobile device that seems to have the potential to take over my life. I’ve watched it happen to other people, and I refuse to let it happen to me. I don’t keep my phone with me all the time. I don’t always remember to charge it. I don’t always pay attention to notifications I get.

I like my freedom. I like my solitude. I strongly believe that the only one that should have 24/7 access to me is me…and God.

If God was the only one that could call me on my phone would I still forget to keep it with me? Would I forget to charge it properly? Would I silence or ignore calls? Would I continue to let the phone beep at me without acknowledging it? Would I shut it off?

The truth? Yup. Sometimes I have done that.

Do you know when you’ve received a call? Is there a notification requiring a response? How do you know? What does the caller want? What’s the message?

What does it mean to get a call? Is there really a call just for you? Maybe it’s a wrong number or a telemarketer?

Let me help you get clear for a moment. You are getting a call. Right now. Pick up. Respond. And listen closely.

Acknowledging your call is different than engaging your passion. Passion is something you do. Your call is who you are, and who you are becoming. Your call is about how your “youness” can support, heal, inspire, reconcile, and minister to others. It is about how being you enriches the life and experience of every creature you cross paths with. Passion is important but can lack depth and meaning unless we also work to understand and engage our vocation, or our calling. While passions can change or evolve over time. Our call does not. Our call is us in the fullness of who we are meant to become. Our call is something we move into, not something we create.

So forget for a moment about what you are meant to do. As a friend of mine said a couple weeks back, “Too much doing just leads to a bunch of  do do.” Instead, consider for a moment what aspects of yourself you are called to develop and share with others. Consider who you ARE.

Did you miss the call the last time it came in? It’s okay. One of the miraculous gifts of God is that persistent beeping. You can be sure it will continue until you acknowledge someone is trying to reach you.

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