World Service Corps is an international volunteer program that sends individuals from “Country A” to serve with the church in “Country B.” The program recruits, trains, places, and supports the volunteers, while identifying and preparing host sites.
World Service Corps is a ministry of Community of Christ, a worldwide Christian church with its international headquarters in Independence, Missouri, USA.

WHAT volunteer opportunities are available?

Every assignment varies, depending on the host site and the interests and skills of the volunteer. In all assignments, volunteers are assigned to participate and assist in the priorities and activities of the local congregation and community.

Just some of the activities volunteer get involved with are:

  • Youth Ministry
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Sharing the church’s story
  • Young adult discussion groups
  • Young Peacemakers Clubs
  • Community development
  • Day camps for youth
  • Vacation Bible Schools
  • Health education
  • Church planting
  • Music ministry
  • Reunions
  • Preaching
  • Teaching

WHO can participate in World Service Corps?

  • People aged 18 and over.
  • People of all cultures who      are ready to give of their time and energy to contribute and learn from another culture.
  • People committed to giving of themselves, and to growing as individuals, through the challenge of new intercultural experiences. Volunteers experience profound personal growth as they engage in ministry that crosses boundaries and unites diverse communities.

WHEN would I go and how long would I be gone?

This depends on which program you apply for. For information on length, dates, costs, and other details see programs.

WHERE would I go?

World Service Corps is an international volunteer service program, taking individuals from around the world, and sending them to other countries to serve. Since 1999 we have had over 220 volunteers serving in over 35 different sites. For accounts by volunteer all over the world, see stories.

WHY would I want to go?

World Service Corps is one of the most effective ways of serving, sharing and connecting with others. Through World Service Corps you live as others live, eat what others eat, worship as others worship and much more. This is more than just a chance to give, but also to receive, learn and grow.

HOW do I become a volunteer?

Fill out an application form!

After your completed application and reference forms are received, you will be contacted for an interview (in person or by telephone).  Following the interview, we will determine site placement for selected volunteers.  All applicants will be notified of their final status.

For more information contact Emily Penrose-McLaughlin, World Service Corps Program Coordinator at

To connect with World Service Corps, visit their webpage or connect through social media:

facebook-icon3 World Service Corps Facebook page

twitter World Service Corps on Twitter


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