The Young Adult Ministries Team presented the GROW. LEAD. SERVE. CONNECT. Young Adult Leaders’ Retreat on March 6-8, 2015 at Bluewater Campgrounds in Michigan. Over 30 participants engaged in sessions focused on creative and innovative leadership strategies. Participants experienced opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, ministerial advancement, and developing relationships with other young adult ministers and leaders within the Community of Christ.

The Young Adult Ministries Team offered this retreat by partnering with Steer Empowerment Consulting, a leadership coaching company out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Steer Empowerment Consulting developed the curriculum, retreat format, and facilitated the retreat core sessions in collaboration with the Young Adult Ministries Team Leadership.

Below is the curriculum, presentation and materials used at the retreat. This material is presented for use by young adult ministers and leaders to implement this retreat format and content in their own areas. Materials may be altered to fit the needs of local areas, but we ask that you read and abide by the copyright and ownership statements in the materials, giving credit where it is due.

We also want to acknowledge those participants who were able to attend the retreat! We were so glad you could make it and were inspired by your creative project ideas! We look forward to seeing them in action!

This retreat was made possible by the Community of Christ Leadership Development funds. This retreat was of benefit to many people, and we hope the materials will continue to benefit future groups and communities that use the materials.
We would greatly appreciate donations to the Community of Christ in exchange for these FREE materials. Our retreat went over budget due to some unforeseen costs. Your donation would help us to cover those costs, in exchange for this curriculum that you can use an unlimited amount of times in your own Mission Centres and local areas. 

Thank you for your contributions to supporting
Young Adult Ministry and Leadership opportunities!

Retreat Resources:


Facilitators Notes on Curriculum Resources

GROW. LEAD. SERVE. CONNECT – YA Leaders Retreat (Powerpoint Presentation)

Articles and Materials used in the curriculum:

You Can Teach Someone to Be More Creative – HBR



IBM – Cultivating organizational creativity in an age of complexity: A companion study to the IBM 20

How to Kill Creativity – HBR

Coaching for Innovation ‹

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