Participate in the online communities by posting your own events, comments, questions, etc. on the page. None of these are restricted to those of the young adult age. These are community pages (for all ages) connected to and focused on young adult ministries of the church. JOIN US!

  • facebook24x24 Community of Christ Young Adults Page – a communication and connections page for anyone (young adult or not) interested in young adult ministries, following blog posts, receiving updates and communications and other information related to Young Adult Ministries.
  • facebook24x24 Community of Christ Young Adult Ministers Group – a group for local leaders focused, supportive, and interested in Community of Christ Young Adult Ministries
  • facebook24x24 Community of Christ – The official Facebook page of the Community of Christ church.
  • icon-twitter-24x24 @CofCYoungAdults – a Twitter feed with posts related to Young Adult Ministries, updates and blog posts from, re-tweets of articles and news from around the world relevant to young adults and Young Adult Ministries, live tweets from World Conference and other church events, etc.. A supportive online community.

Other Community of Christ e-Subscriptions – stay connected and informed on what’s happening around the world in our church community, subscribe to blogs and newsletters sent straight to your email!

If you would like to find a Young Adult Group in your area please email:

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