World Service Corps: Application Deadline – January 31, 2015

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Are you looking for an experience that will challenge you and transform you? World Service Corps may be the experience you are looking for! World Service Corps (WSC) is an international volunteer ministry of Community of Christ, committed to offering opportunities for leadership development, disciple formation, and cultural immersion.

Applications are being accepted now until January 31, 2015 to serve as a World Service Corps volunteer in 2015. Apply today! Visit our website to view more information or contact the WSC Coordinator if you have any questions.

What is it like to be a World Service Corps volunteer? Every volunteer experience is different. But read this story from Lawson Mushibwe to find out his perspective! Lawson is from Zambia and he served as a WSC volunteer in India for two months in 2014.

Testimony by: Lawson C. Mushibwe (from Ndola, Zambia)
World Service Corps volunteer, July – September 2014
WSC location: Uthamapalayam, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone rings…
Me: Hello…
Emily: Hello… Is this Lawson Mushibwe?
Me: Yes it is.
Emily: How are you Lawson?
Me: Thinking to myself, OMG, that’s an American accent… But I calmly in my polished accent responded, “Am fine thank you, and how are you?”
Emily: This is Emily Penrose McLaughlin calling you from Community of Christ. I am the World Service Corps Program Coordinator.

From this moment I knew that my WSC volunteer application had been considered. And not too long from that call, I was taking part in sharing the five mission initiatives, promoting communities of joy, hope, love and peace as well as proclaiming Jesus Christ as he is the centre of it all. I was also privileged to share at a prayer meeting on one of the eight sacraments (marriage) of Community of Christ to a couple on their fourteenth marriage anniversary.
It didn’t take me long to adapt to this new environment. Quickly, I had a family and in no time I developed new strong chords of love in friendship which created an atmosphere resulting in feelings I would get if I were home, so I indeed felt at home. Even though there was a bit of language barrier, I opened my ears to listen to people’s stories and testimonies which indeed strengthened my faith and changed my life.

Sunday school classes with the kids were exceptionally awesome. I had a good time with the Tamil children, very clever and intelligent children. Classes were never boring as they were actively involved and very participative. They portrayed the eagerness to learn more on the Bible, and indeed the bible stories. And so, on one Sunday, the kids were granted a chance to share in the Church service through a drama on one of the lessons they learnt about the Good Samaritan. Equally, the children from the local school where we volunteered were participative and intelligent. Their syllabus is quiet advanced as compared to my country therefore; I picked the lower grades/standards to save me some embarrassment [Hahaha].

As much as I was thoroughly prepared and ready for this tasked mission, what I found was humbling and made me to reduce myself to nearly nothing, giving up myself for service and striping off my right to be right on how I understand things. And yeah, sacrifice is the word to describe this humbling change I had to undergo. This was in regards to cultural differences and culture shock. Of course, each cultural practice with its own followings. Therefore, I chose to envision the emerging differences and diversity not as sources of conflict/division and distrust, but of strength and inspiration. And this provided a platform for me to share, experience and appreciate one of the Community of Christ Enduring Principles, Unity in Diversity. This resulted in my realization that although our societies may have differences; we are still highly connected through Jesus Christ.

All in all, for many people, sixty days of ministry would really be one day of ministry repeated sixty times differently. So was my WSC volunteer experience. Each day came with its own serendipitous experiences that will forever remain in my heart as it has impacted and enriched my life in this regard.

“Lawson Mushibwe (far right) with Wednesday prayer cell group, and WSC partner, Patrick Chunda (left).”

“Lawson Mushibwe (far right) with Wednesday prayer cell group, and WSC partner, Patrick Chunda (left).”

Create your own life-changing experiences!  Apply today!
Visit our website to view more information or contact the WSC Coordinator if you have any questions. 

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