What’s Your Ministry?

whatsyourministryRe-blogged from: Wake Up. Tune In. Create Awesome.
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What would you like to commit your life to? What is the most important thing you can offer others?

These are the big questions I ask on a regular basis in my role as vocational counselor. I ask them of myself every day.

If vocation is a practicing of the “how” we want to do something, the questions we ask ourselves about what exactly the message might be seems equally relevant and important.

I don’t mean what job. This is not a practical “what” that is involved in the definition of a career path. This isn’t a choice of where we want to work, or who we want to work with, or what things we want to create while we work. This is a bigger what.

What do you want your ministry to be?

I saw a great commencement speech given by Jim Carrey today. He articulated this question and spoke about his personal ministry. He called it his, “Freedom From Concern” ministry.


I love this idea. What is your ministry? What is the big “what” in how you bring your gifts and call together?

What’s your mission? What can you dedicate your life to?

I often wonder if this takes a lifetime of unraveling. I wonder how Jim Carrey decided to frame his mission this way, how he discovered it, and if it will change. I wonder about my ministry and how it has changed, grown, and refined itself over the years.

What is my ministry? If I had to define it today it would be more along the lines of  the, “Faith in Purpose” ministry.

What’s yours?


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