Feature Friday: RESOURCES



 Ok, this is a BIG one! Under the RESOURCES header you’ll find a drop down menu with TONS of different types of materials, links, and other resources that can help your ministry with young adults! There is A LOT!

Check out the various pages in the dropdown menu on things like:

  • Staying connected with college students
  • Worship ideas and disciple formation links
  • How to start a YA group
  • Financial planning and relationships for young families
  • YA Ministers’ Resources – Resources and training opportunities for YA Ministers – Add your email to the mailing list for YA Ministers and Leaders here
  • Check out the resources main page for a link to Missionary toolkits

How you can use these:

  • discussion topics for your YA group
  • planning a retreat or event
  • planning worships
  • camp/retreat activity, classes and session ideas
  • sharing about Community of Christ beliefs and practices and helping guide YA on their discipleship path
  • And much, more…

Do you have great resources that you use and can share? Submit a resource in the form at the bottom of the RESOURCES main page here!




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