Feature Friday: FIND A YA GROUP

Have you recently moved to a new city and can’t figure out where and when the young adult group meets, or if there even is one?

Are you a YA leader wanting to reach out to grow your YA group and extend an invite to your activities?

Find A YA Group page (just click on the heading on the menu bar) has a list of a majority of the YA leaders from each area where the church is located!

Groups are sorted first by country and then by Mission Centre. If you’re not sure what Mission Centre you’re looking for, check the locations listed next to the Mission Centre name or contact email us to ask!

How you can use this:

  • Find a group near you (or maybe where you’re moving to)
  • Connect with other YA groups and contact their leaders
  • Post your info as a local or Mission Centre YA connection so people searching can find you!

If you’re not already listed on the page (or want to update your info) – fill out your information in the form at the bottom of the page to send in your details! We will add you ASAP! 🙂


Photo from this site

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