Financial Stewardship: The Art of Giving

40actsDuring the 2014 Lent season @CofCYoungAdults tweeted about doing Lent generously, a project called #40acts by



Admittedly, I didn’t get to complete all the daily challenges, but #40acts was a good reminder for me to re-think my generosity capacity. It’s not hard. Giving is not a chore and it is usually reciprocated with love and more generosity from others. Giving doesn’t also require financial wealth or emptying your pockets so much you can’t pay your rent. Giving can come in a variety of forms and just requires our effort and willingness to do something for someone besides ourselves. It’s saying, “I’m grateful for what I have and I want to share with others.”

artofgivingHere’s a resource you can follow to think deeper about your own generosity and giving practices: The Art of Giving. Sign up for the emails and explore how you can give more generously in your life.

Click here to give financially to Community of Christ


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