Lenten Journey: Week 6 – Silence

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Re-posted from: Community of Christ – Lenten Practices

Practicing  silence reminds us that relationship with God is a mutual, reciprocal act. In  silence, we take the time to really listen and be present with God without  words. Often, our most profound spiritual experiences cannot be fully  described. Likewise, we know that in times of distress (Romans 8) the spirit  prays for us hearing the groans of our hearts that are too deep for words.  Intentional time in silence allows us be fully present with God without the  confines of language. As we enter Holy Week, the full implication of  discipleship brings with it a weighted hush. There are moments when words are  inadequate and our most faithful response is to stand humbly before the  mystery.

  • Hymn for Reflection“Come, Let Us Dwell” CCS 173

    Find  a place free from noise or distractions.

  • Practicing  silence may be difficult at first. The mind may run wild, and centering in  God’s presence could take some spiritual exertion! Allow yourself grace in this  practice and the ability to slowly ease into longer periods of silent  reflection. Perhaps you begin in silence for 5–10 minutes, and then write in a  journal or pray about your experience.
  • Breathe  deeply. Focusing on each breath in and out can help quiet the mind and center  you in God’s Spirit.
  • Become  aware of your surroundings, notice how the air feels on your skin, trust that  you are in the presence of the holy—completely surrounding and embracing you.
  • Don’t  expect that God will speak to you in a certain way. Just open yourself to what is. Allow your inner dialogue to cease  for a while, being fully present with the one who is fully present with you.
  • After  a period of silence, offer a prayer of gratitude for God’s constant presence  whether fully aware of it or not. Pray that you may continue to draw closer to  God and discover what God is saying and doing within you.

Questions for Reflection

  • How does it feel to be present with God in  silence? Was this natural or difficult at first?
  • In the silence, did you discover something new  about yourself? Your relationship with God?
  • Preparing to experience new life in Christ, what  are some things that leave you speechless?


One thought on “Lenten Journey: Week 6 – Silence

  1. karlijo says:

    I love this, thank you.
    I’ve recently started being much more intentional about including meditation (either guided or not) into my daily practice. The hardest time for me to get to that silent place is in the middle of the day. Just today I went and sat in my car before lunch for a guided 20min meditation (thank you iphone and Deepak Chopra!) and it was HARD. But in the evening, it’s much ‘easier’ to get that stillness with God for me. I find focus on the breath is best to still the thoughts, but a centreing thought works better during the day for focus. It’s lovely to feel what bubbles up from within though, especially during this Holy Week. Anyone else been working to do the same?

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