Lenten Journey: Week 4 – Centering Prayer


Re-posted from: Community of Christ – Lenten Practices

Centering  prayer is a simple way to pray in which you use breath and a prayer word to stay  focused on God’s presence. The intent of this prayer is to simply spend time  with God, seeking no answers but merely connection to the Divine. It is called  centering prayer because one’s attention is gathered in and centered on being  open to and receiving God. During Lent, centering prayer helps us dwell more  deeply in the mystery of God.

Hymn for Reflection“Come  and Find the Quiet Center” CCS 151
  • Sit in a relaxed, comfortable but erect posture  with feet on the floor, eyes closed, hands open in your lap.
  • Gently enter into a time of prayer with the  expectation and permission to be guided by the Holy Spirit in a process of  opening and receiving.
  • Use your breath to create a sense of peace and  letting go into God. Breathe deeply, slowly, calmly, allowing the deep breaths  to release you of tension throughout your body.
  • Focus on breathing God in, breathing all else  out until you feel calm and centered.
  • Be aware that God is present and you are in this  space with the intention of loving and being loved by God.
  • Listen for a word or phrase that comes to you,  expressing the desire of your heart. Repeat it silently to yourself in rhythm  with your breathing.
  • As you become distracted, and you will, bring  yourself back to that centered place by using your breath and your prayer word.  Let go of the thoughts that pull you away. Merely observe them and let them go.
  • Continue in this pattern of focus and breath for  approximately 20 minutes, though you may want to begin with 5–10 minutes and  increase your time with practice. Set a timer so you will not have to check the  time.
  • When the time of prayer has elapsed, offer a  prayer of thanks to God, take several more breaths, and gently return your  awareness to your surroundings. Trust that the time spent with God will  continue to bless you deep within as you move through your day.

Questions for Reflection

  • As I dwell in the  mystery of God, do I honor the divine mystery in others?
  • Do I honor the  divine mystery within myself?
  • What am I being  invited to consider and live into as I dwell in God’s presence?

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One thought on “Lenten Journey: Week 4 – Centering Prayer

  1. Josie says:

    Last year I lead a spiritual renewal retreat in Brazil at the Poa congregtaion. It is a country where often people cannot get away from the sounds of a city that never ever sleeps. In the church we took the time to read a scripture. First all together.. ( 20 voices read at individual speeds) then they read along silently as brother Ivan read. Then they closed their eyes and listened as he read one more time slowly.. A woman named Regina stood after a moment of meditation. She shared her feeling of peace that washed over her. It was a peace that she had never known, because life is Sao Paulo is difficult and sometimes it is hard to center with the constant rush… I remember the tears running down her face as she shared this moment with the Divine. It seems that this practice of allowing God to be with us intentionally, is not bound by languages or cultures, but more so by the preparation and willingness to receive God’s attention in our lives..

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