Upcoming Peace & Justice Events you won’t want to miss!

john dear

Shalom Place at the Temple to Host Peace Activist John Dear
Join the Noon-hour Conversation April 3rd

Internationally-renown peace activist, John Dear, will be at Shalom Place, Thursday, April 3rd, for a noon-hour conversation on his latest book, The Nonviolent Life. A Nobel Peace Prize nominee for his peace witness over the past three decades, Dear is a Catholic priest who has authored or edited more than 30 books expressing his conviction that

“my vocation is to follow the nonviolent Jesus by teaching and preaching the Sermon on the Mount, resisting the culture of war and injustice, and proclaiming and welcoming God’s reign of peace and nonviolence.”

Check out the Facebook Event



Sponsored by the World Church Peace & Justice Team, the event is open to all without charge.

Round-the-world Bike for Peace Tour Includes stop at Temple World Plaza
Public are Invited to Welcome Norwegian Cyclists May 1st at 3pm

Bike for Peace is a Norwegian-based not-for-profit dedicated to promoting peace, disarmament, and democracy. On May 1st a four-rider team will arrive for ceremonies on the World Plaza at 3pm, accompanied by local riders as they cycle from Kansas City to St. Louis. Speaker will be Bike for Peace president, Tore Naerland, who has organized peace and friendship rides in more than 110 countries since 1978.

If you’d like to participate in cycling from KC to Independence, or for more information, please email Lu Mountenay at lmountenay@cofchrist.org. Part-way riders meet at Graceland University campus, 1401 W Truman Rd. (less than 1 mile from the Temple). All are welcome, with or without bikes, to gather under the international flags and rally for peace.

• Speeches:
New mayor of Independence
Nicki Cardwell, Emmanuel Cleaver’s community rep
Cathi Cackler Veazy, post Hiroshima visit
• Group singing and live music
• Have your photo taken with Hazmat Harry
• Contests: oldest and youngest riders
Best “peace” bike decorations (all ages)
• Handouts, and much more.

See you at the World Plaza, River and Lexington on May 1.


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