Lenten Journey: Week 3 – Holy Attention


Re-posted from: Community of Christ – Lenten Practices

Engaging in the practice of holy attention allows us to suspend our  inner conversations and agendas and give reverent and receptive focus to a  specific person or portion of God’s creation. Regarding another as an  unrepeatable miracle whose life journey is unique and sacred brings awareness  to and affirmation of God’s presence in all creation. We do this in the spirit  of Christ who saw into the deep hearts of people and recognized their true identities  as God’s beloved. During Lent, as we continue to empty ourselves (fasting) and  evaluate our lives (examen), we begin to make space for awareness of where God  is showing up in the world around us.

Hymn for Reflection“God Is Calling” CCS 172

For individuals, enter into a time of quiet reflection. Relax your  body and breathing and bring to mind a particular person, group or people, or  portion of creation. Ask God to bless you with curiosity and gratitude as you  consider the life journey of others.

  • In what ways do you experience separation from  this person, group, or portion of creation?
  • In what ways do you feel connected to this  person, group, or portion of creation?
  • What do you need to hear, see, feel, or learn?
  • How are you being led to engage in actions that  promote the well-being of this person, group, or portion of creation?

Option: For use in groups, divide the  participants into pairs. Allow each person three to four minutes to share and  remind the pairs when it is time to trade roles. Invite each person to share a  story or experience that reflects his or her journey of discipleship. Ask God  to bless each one with compassionate curiosity and gratitude as each hears the  other person’s story. Invite pairs to share briefly with each other how it felt  to tell one’s story to someone who was listening with holy attention and how it  felt to listen with holy attention.

Questions for Reflection

  • As you make space in your life through fasting  and prayer, to what person, group of people, life circumstance, or portion of  creation are you being drawn to give holy attention?
  • What new awareness do you experience as you  engage in this practice?
  • In what ways are you called to respond as  awareness of others deepens through holy attention?

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