Financial Planning and Stewardship Series


We’re starting a new series on the Community of Christ Young Adults blog: Financial Planning and Stewardship!

Kat Hnatyshyn

Kat Hnatyshyn

We will be featuring a variety of posts, including some from Kat Hnatyshyn, one of our own #CofCYA. Kat works as a Branch Manager at Community of America Credit Union in Kansas City, Missouri. She also blogs in the Kansas City Star’s Dollars and Sense about good financial habits that are useful for those of us trying to manage university loans, starting a family, and saving for the future! She’s agreed to share some of her blog posts with our community!

We will also feature other posts relating that might provide useful resources and guidance to you!

We’ll post them on the blog. You’ll be able to find all the resources for Financial Stewardship under the RESOURCES drop down menu (top of the page) in Generosity and Financial Management.  

If you have any posts or resources that you find really helpful, make sure to send them to us at so we can share them too!

Financial Planning and Stewardship is an integral part of our lives and success as individuals, families, and in our discipleship. We hope this series will help you reflect on your own steps to financial success for the life you dream of!

Read all of the posts on Financial Planning and Stewardship here

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