Lenten Journey: Week 1 – Fasting


Re-posted from: Community of Christ – Lenten Practices

Week 1: Fasting

To fast is  to intentionally empty oneself in a way that makes space for God. During the  season of Lent, we fast for 40 days remembering Christ’s own fast in the  wilderness. It is a time to focus on what matters most amid alluring  distractions. This practice empties us and prepares us to go deeper through  each consecutive practice on the Lenten path. Fasting is about making space for  God.

Hymn for Reflection“Lead Me,  Lord” CCS 450

Choose  something from everyday life you will noticeably miss. This could be a food  item, a meal itself, or a prolonged period without eating. It could also be an  amount of time you re-designate, or something you purchase on a daily or weekly  basis that may be an excess in your life and not a need. It could also be  intentionally reorienting your daily routine or inner dialogue.

A Lenten  fast typically lasts from Ash Wednesday to Easter morning.

Choose an  intentional act that will accompany what you are fasting from. What will you do  in place of what you have given up? Is there something specific for which you  are praying?

Spend time  during your fast to pay attention to what is going on within you. Intentionally  reflect through journaling or solitude. Notice the time frame you have set for  yourself. Is your craving for what you have given up increasing or decreasing?  What is the depth of your prayer life during this time? Are you feeling more  focused?

Questions for Reflection

  • How does intentional emptying make more space  for God in your life?
  • Does this disruption in your normal routine draw  your attention to God and others in a new way?

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