More than Just Money – An Opportunity to Contribute

by Parker Johnson, Denver, Colorado


Understanding how we all fit into the bigger picture is crucial when it comes to planning for the future of our community. From the members who are always reliable for pot-luck dishes, to those who are faithful in their charitable giving, we all play a part in our global community.

I’ve spent a great deal of time dwelling on my own role in Community of Christ, and have even felt frustrated and guilty as a young adult who doesn’t attend regularly on Sundays – but who has a devoted interest in the continuation of our faith community.

Over the years, I’ve met a number of like-minded members who are interested to learn more about others’ feelings on the subject of participation and contributions.1

 1One thing to note here – our society is driven by money, so it’s natural for us to read the word “contribution” and have our minds go straight to “money.” That’s not the case here. As most of us already know, Community of Christ has a variety of ways to contribute, such as volunteer opportunities, donations, internships, and more.

Earlier this year, I joined a small group of members who were already discussing this topic, and we’ve come up with a quick survey to get the input from members around the world concerning how they participate in Community [of Christ].

Here’s 2 easy ways you can be a part of the bigger picture:

  • Fill out this brief survey (should take no more than 2 minutes).
  • Pass it on to 3 of your friends. (Use this sample statement if you’d like: Hi _______, I’m involved in helping to gather some information about how people give and engage in the Community of Christ. If you could take just two minutes and fill out this quick survey, I’d really appreciate it. If you can pass it on to three others you know, that would also be a big help! Thank you!! )

We will be presenting this information to church leadership in the coming weeks, and we’d like at least 300 surveys to bring with us. Your input could drastically change how we think about participation and contribution within Community of Christ!

Should you have any questions feel free to email me at

Contributing to the community is so much more than just monetary gifts.

Contributing to the community is so much more than just monetary gifts.


6 thoughts on “More than Just Money – An Opportunity to Contribute

  1. Parker Johnson says:

    Hi Karli!

    Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad the situation was resolved for you! 🙂

    Our intent is to highlight contributions as more than just monetary giving, with a focus on young adults around the world. We are interested in learning about new ways of giving (monetary and other) and new channels to give as well (i.e. smart phone app, Facebook, etc.) that are useful and relevant to our changing world.

    We’ll be presenting to the development committee at the Temple. The First Presidency is a part of this group, as well as other key contacts.

    I hope this helps to answer your questions!

    Parker Johnson

  2. Karli Smith says:

    Hi again – evidently it has just been pointed out to me that there is actually a free-text-box under a response – so my apologies, I must have missed it or glossed over it!
    Would still be great to hear from you about what message you’re looking to convey to which leaders. cheers!

  3. karlijo says:

    Hi Parker,
    I have an observation/question about the survey now that I’ve completed it.
    Is the intention to gather data about contribution methods and frequency purely, or to link this data to an idea about making it “easier” for respondents to contribute? (I got this impression from the 1 question near the end with options like app, etc).
    It can be very difficult to draw this bow without addressing the “why” of the contribution responses.
    Also I fell there are a LOT of other ways that members can contribute other than what you’ve listed. It all depends on what kind if activities you would consider as contributing to church life. On paper mine looks very dismal but in reality it is very rich and mutual. A free text box at the end would have allowed for capturing of this additional data, as with the “why” question.
    Surveys are tricky things. Which “church leadership” are you looking to present this information to?

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