Sometimes We Struggle With … Church Life

by Erin Logan, Rancho Cucamonga, California 
From the Peace Colloquy 2013 session: “Singing Through Life in Community”

Kanisa Litajengwa – Oh, Who Will Build the Church Now?

Kanisa litajengwa

na nini na nani?

Oh, who will build the church now?
We’ll build it together!…

Kenya and refrain

Words: Kenyan worship chorus; Eng. paraphrase S T Kimbrough, Jr., 1936– ; Sp. tr. John Glaser, 1961– ; Fr. tr. Larry Tyree, 1953–
Music: Kenyan worship chorus; transcribed Jorge Lockward, 1965–
Words and Music transcription © 2008 East Africa Annual Conference (admin. General Board of Global Ministries, GBGMusik)

A Community of Christ Sings resource
**Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to post the entire song lyrics. Please refer to the song number listed in your Community of Christ Sings hymnal.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes We Struggle With … Church Life

  1. Love this, Erin! You brought some tears to my eyes. This is a much needed message that I believe all of our congregations need to hear. I personally love the noise that children bring to church. Their giggles, their squeals, and yes, even their tears. It is a reminder that our church is alive, that it has the potential to grow, but only if we nurture it.

  2. Linda Brenner says:

    I could be your grandmother, Erin,and, and I feel as you do. May our people catch the fire of the Holy Spirit where they live and move and express their being.

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