Sometimes We Struggle With…

by David Bolton and Rachelle Smalldon
From the Peace Colloquy 2013 session: “Singing Through Life in Community”

273241902363718694_ULtLPtJg_c“Through struggle we strengthen…” 

It is through the struggles of life that we strengthen our relationships with each other, with God, and our community.  

It is through the joys, laughter, sadness and heartache that we best experience the true essence of a community of Christ-like love and become who we are called to be.  

It is through music that we find comfort and expression of our heart’s longings and desires. Our lives expressed in song.

Songs reflect our church’s history and journey as a people. But they also reflect the personal experiences, emotions, prayers, desires and hopes of the people who write them, the people who sing them, and the people who listen to them

yaplenary1As young adults, but really in any time of our lives, we face times where we struggle. We experience other times filled with joy, fulfillment, and passion. In times of transition, uncertainty, happiness, and trial, many of us turn to music – melodies and lyrics that console and comfort us, bring us energy, excitement, or connection to the Spirit, and the sense of love felt through relationships and community.

During the “Singing Through Life in Community” session at the 2013 Peace Colloquy, the speakers shared touching, personal stories of their experiences dealing with issues of being a young adult, being a Christian, and being a member of a community. After each speaker we invited the congregation to sing or listen to the lyrics of one of the songs in the new hymnal Community of Christ Sings, accompanied by several musicians, and find connections to the life story shared and their own life stories. As David Bolton shared in the session, “The songs themselves are waiting to become your songs of grief… and comfort—heartache and celebration—loneliness and togetherness”.



 Over the next weeks, the Young Adult Ministries blog will post some of these stories and connecting songs from Community of Christ Sings in a series called “Sometimes We Struggle With…”. Each post will share a different life experience, and song of community support, personal to the individual.

Get out your Community of Christ Sings (CCS) hymnal, and join us! We invite you to be moved and strengthened by the inspiring experiences these members of our church community have to offer.

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