Peace Colloquy Reflections: From Portsmouth to Independence


On Oct. 17 more than 20 people, including youth and young adults, boarded a charter bus in Portsmouth, Ohio headed to Independence, Missouri. for the weekend. To get there would require us to travel 690 miles and 14 hours. Excited about what the trip and the weekend had to offer us, we boarded the bus with enthusiasm.

The majority of the travelers on the journey were from the Community of Christ West Portsmouth Branch with a few people from the surrounding branches. Our destination was the Community of Christ International Headquarters in Independence for the 2013 Peace Colloquy.

Starting our 14-hour journey late on Thursday enabled us to easily get some sleep on the bus. Which was good because right off the bat our schedule was tight. We hit the road in anticipation of arriving in Independence just in time for the first activity to start on Friday morning.

IMG_1485So, as you can imagine, boarding a bus in Portsmouth, traveling 14 hours with a few stops in between for gas, food and restroom breaks and upon arrival entering into the conference schedule, would take its toll on anyone.

The conference schedule was jammed full of activities that awaited us when we arrived. The only question was if our endurance could maintain throughout the day until we could check into our hotel. I think it would safe to assume it was rough going for a while, but we all made it.

The youth of our trip were scheduled to take part in their own retreat Friday afternoon. They needed someone older to hangout with them during the day on Friday. As it turned out I was available for the majority of that day until they needed to be dropped off at their retreat location.

IMG_1479The only question that remained on Friday was where could you feed more than 20 people on a chartered bus in a timely fashion. The end result was Cracker Barrel.

Without going through the details, someone on our trip found out while we were at dinner her brother had died. She stayed very strong throughout the remainder of the evening and made arrangements to fly out on Saturday morning to be with her family in her time of loss.

Part of the activities of the weekend included the launch of our new denominational hymnal, Community of Christ Sings. This book has been a long time in the making as our last denominational hymnal was released 32 years ago. Participants of the conference were given personal copies to use during the weekend and in our home congregations.

LPTS-John-Bell10-COB-armsEvery year during the colloquy, a ceremony is held to award the Community of Christ International Peace Award. This year’s recipient was John Bell of Scotland who had contributed a number of hymns to our new hymnal. Bell was at the conference all weekend and performed many workshops throughout the weekend.

As the weekend drew to a close, it was evident there was an enthusiasm among those in attendance to bring the new hymnal to the communities in which we live.

On Sunday morning, as a part of the closing worship, the President of the Community of Christ Steve Veazey gave the morning message on the influence of singing within the Community of Christ.

“Something deeply spiritual happens when the church community sings together, it’s much more than just the sound of our individual combined voices. God lifts us beyond our individuality and weaves us into sacred community. … Congregational singing draws people into restoring community, breaks down barriers and opens them to new life in Christ. It also has the power to bind us together as a worldwide church community.” – Steve Veazey

I can not speak for the rest of those who came from this area on the trip, but as I reflect on the experiences of the weekend and the 1,380 miles traveled, my faith has been renewed. I know there is a purpose for me and for those who chose to follow along on this journey we call life.

Although I slept all day Monday and could still use a few more hours of sleep, I do not regret a thing and look forward to having a similar experience next year.

Watch the videos and photos posted from the 2013 Peace Colloquy online at:

One thought on “Peace Colloquy Reflections: From Portsmouth to Independence

  1. Justice Manning says:

    Wayne, you appear to have very little need to renew your faith from the way the article relays your enthusiasm. I remember that about you from the 90s when we lived in Cincinnati and I would see you at youth and regional events. May God continue to keep your enthusiasm strong and active.

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