One of Those Days …

Photo by Zac Harmon-McLaughlin

Photo by Zac Harmon-McLaughlin

Sometimes you just have one of those days in which most things go right and you forget (even for a brief moment) some of your troubles.

Most recently for me that day was Monday, August 5 at the Scioto County Fair.

I always enjoy the fair and most of everything that goes with it. One of the things I enjoy the most is some of the unique things to photograph. This day provided several opportunities for some interesting photographs.

As I was walking around the the fairgrounds looking for something to report about, it was neat how the random pictures I was taking were turning out.

(At this point I feel, I need to confess something. I take a lot of pictures with my IPhone, WAY more than I should. When I take photos with my phone, I also have a tendency to upload some or all of them to Instagram (WayneAllen77) so my friends and the world can see what Ive been up to. Over the summer I have likely posted a few hundred photos, to my Instagram and Facebook accounts.)

On this particular day the photo opportunities just kept presenting themselves and I was more than willing to take advantage of those opportunities.

Over the years you can develop a good idea about who might comment or like your photos. I have this friend from college who has said she is a big fan of my photography on multiple occasions. Since we graduated college we keep in touch via social media. When she comments on a photos its an easy indication she is a fan of the photo in one way, shape or form.

On this day she made several comments on some of the photos stating they were some of her all time favorites. Although it may have been random, it still warms your heart to know that people pay that much attention to what you do, even if you are just taking pictures on your phone.

One of the things I most like to take photos of is flowers, and the annual flower shows at the fair is a good opportunity to do so. There were lots of positive comments on the photos I was able to get on this day at the fair.

Like many days at the fair, my second trip out was to do a story on the new fair queen. After that was all said and done, the sun was setting and provided a unique background for some photos. I can remember thinking to myself at the time, self, this is a unique opportunity, you should not let this pass you by.

So, if you saw me at the fair during this time, I’m sure I looked weird trying out different angles, trying to take advantage of this unique opportunity that was before me. The results in my mind were some stunning photos that I am very proud of.

So, when you have one of those days, it’s always good to keep your mind open to what is in store, the results may amaze you.

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