World Service Corps Reflections: How Good the World Can Be

by Ben Vinck – World Service Corps volunteer


This is the tag line for Dunfield House the Community of Christ campground in England and I adopted it as a tag line for my experience in England this summer. The one word I would use to describe my time with World Service Corps is “fellowship”. We got the chance to meet so many different people and worship with many different congregations. Building relationships was what fueled me as I experienced a place very far from home. As the trip continued on, I started to feel these friends were like my family and Dunfield felt like a home.

On the night before we left to come back to the states we had to wake up at three to leave at four in the morning to catch our early flight but instead we decided to stay up all night. There were a group of ten people who decided to stay up until four with us to spend time together and we had an amazing experience. This night was full of laughter and stories and it summed up the beautiful relationships we had built in our time across the lake.

wsc5At our final worship service the day we left I was sharing with the people at reunion what this experience had meant to me and I got pretty emotional. It finally hit me how much these people had truly become like a family to me and how much I was going to miss them. They had shown me just truly “how good the world could be” and I could never repay them enough.

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