World Service Corps Reflections: God Moments

by Matthew Todd – World Service Corps volunteer


I remember arriving at the Detroit Metro Airport with, literally, hundreds of thoughts about what these next six weeks could entail. All of my conceptions about this World Service Corps trip turned out to be one colossal misconception, though mostly good misconceptions. Everyday became an adventure that’s motto (or slogan, whichever you prefer) was “What could happen next?” Things were slightly unorganized at times or problems would arise from nowhere, all of this mainly due to the culture, causing drama or fights, but it was a learning experience for me. These issues quickly took its toll on me and I found myself needing time to be with myself and God.

wsc3The ‘drama’ at the Detroit-Hope made me become much more spiritual. I talked to God, prayed, and relied on God more than ever. I even found myself extremely thirsty for the words of The Bible. The Detroit-Hope congregation went to the Bluewater Reunion three weeks after Kahealani (my World Service Corps partner) and I arrived. Instantly we had problems! Normally this car ride takes two hours; it took us about six all because of a flat tire. Not to mention we almost hit a boat… That is a story for another day. So we finally make it and I take a deep breath and I think to myself, “Whew. Time to relax, bathe myself in peace, and everything is going to be great!” The Bluewater Reunion was great, but there were many issues along the way. I was dragged into many of these issues and the negativity chased me around, it became a burden.wsc1

One night I felt I was at my breaking point. I had stuffed all my anger, disappointment, and problems into my bottle. This metaphorical bottle was about ready to burst wide open and I was going to lose it. So I went on a walk around the campgrounds around midnight. Mind you, it was an oddly cold summer in Michigan, this night it was a crisp sixty degrees. I was in shorts and plain t-shirt, essentially I was cold and shivering. I laid down on a metal picnic table, not making me any warmer, and just cried out to God. I told him every little detail that was eating away at me and just asked for my ‘bottle’ to be emptied, for me to obtain absolute peace.

Then I had my first ‘God Moment.’ I obtained the peace that I asked for. I felt warm and I cannot even explain the way I felt inside. It was like I had never been upset in my life. I was so relaxed that I forgot about the feeling of the metal table under me, the cold air, the noise of the bugs, and the problems with the Detroit-Hope congregation that were troubling me. I just laid there for what felt like a couple minutes. I slowly got up and then went off to my cabin room. I quickly realized I had been there for an entire hour lying on that table.

This ‘God Moment’ was probably the highlight of my entire trip to Detroit-Hope. This special moment really helped me make it through the next couple weeks and replenished my joy! I would have never expected something so simple to be my ‘Ah-Ha’ moment while on my World Service Corps trip but I would not have it any other way. I cannot wait to take another World Service Corps trip in the near future!

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One thought on “World Service Corps Reflections: God Moments

  1. Linda Brenner says:

    Thank you, Mathew. I’ve had similar experiences at Det. Hope, other congregations, camps and Reunions–wondering why we are so slow to grasp Jesus’ meaning of the Peaceable Kingdom. When I finally reflect and meditate I recognize that I am not always willing to choose the language or actions of peace and justice.
    Until a majority of earth’s inhabitants choose to live as Peacemakers, I think we will endure the meanness and horrors of apathy, selfishness and greed in our world. Hope springs for me in the lives of so many young people, and many others, giving themselves to make life better for others. Thank you for your part in that effort, Matthew, and for your diligent prayer life. Blessings will abound .

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