Photo by Adam Wade

Photo by Adam Wade

by Ben Smith, Melbourne, Australia

Transitions are a necessary thing that everyone goes through in life. Whether it’s changing schools, jobs, houses or partners, we all have times in our lives that cause the patterns of our day to be thrown into chaos. Order and routine get upset and the things we once knew are no longer what makes us

Over the past few months, my wife Lana and I have moved back from Perth, leaving the known and routine of our lives there, entering
into a new life. In the beginning our routine was thrown out the door, as we would living in someone else’s house! The items in the fridge were not where they were supposed to be, the cars weren’t parked in the right order, and many other things were out of place. Although it didn’t ruin my day, life in transition taxed my energy. It meant that nothing could be in auto pilot, and every action needed to be considered in its entire context.

Now that we have actually moved into our new house, we are beginning to find some routine and order in life again. Items in the fridge return to their place of comfort, the remote sits comfortably where it belongs, and the cars find their way naturally to their beds for the night. Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, my life is returning to a place of balance and I am finding some solace in my heart again. This is happening whilst also appreciating the journey it took to get here. I’m beginning to realize that transition (or change) is a necessary part of life to endure, as it has taught me so many lessons about resilience and restraint. It has taught me to consider other people more, it has opened my eyes to so many experiences that may not have been there prior to change occurring. Even as I sat last
night complaining about my injured back, I found myself going to a place of consideration for other people’s pain. I reflected on how much Shane Crawford would be hurting right now on his bike ride from Melbourne to
Perth in support for the Breast Cancer Network of Australia. He is pursuing that journey because he has been touched by someone else’s journey through the pain of cancer, and he believes that the pain he will go on his enduring ride across Australia will not come close to that of the journey of a cancer

These moments of compassionate consideration allow our hearts to be changed. How has your heart been changed? How have moments of transition impacted your life?

One thought on “Transitions

  1. karlijo says:

    Nice reflections Benno. I’m about to enter a similar transition with a house move into our first purchased home. Excited but anxious and nervous at the thought of increased responsibility. And all of the ‘what-ifs’ that circulate. Transitions are mixed experiences hey – lots of delight but also lots of ‘letting go’ of what it is you’re moving out of.

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