Risking as a Spiritual Practice

riskspby Katie Harmon-McLaughlin
Re-blogged from: Orange Community of Christ

Re-read Dustin Davis’ blog Willing to Risk then spend some time with this spiritual practice:

“It is what Jesus made of this legacy of prophecy and wisdom that now engages our attention. All of us, if we are to become fully developed people, take the material of our inheritance and fashion it into our own reality, reframing it to make the statement only we can make. Few people reach their individual potential, preferring instead to repeat the safer patterns of the past. Only the person who chooses risk speaks an original word.” -Corinne Ware, Discover Your Spiritual Type

Spend a few moments in prayerful reflection on what you are willing to risk to discover the God you seek. If you feel comfortable, place your hands on your lap palms up, and open. Take a DEEP BREATH. Allow your open hands to symbolize your openness to God’s Spirit to come and holy disrupt your life!

What questions will you risk living into?

What people will you risk encountering?

What insight about yourself will you risk discovering?

What insight about the nature of God in the world will you risk discovering?

What you will you risk letting go of for the sake of the peaceable kingdom?

What will you risk to REALLY SEE God?

“O God, make me discontented with things the way they are in the world and in my own life. Make me notice the stains when people get spilled on. Make me care about the slum child down-town, the misfit at work, the people crammed into the mental hospital, the men, women, and youth behind bars. Jar my complacence, expose my excuses, get me involved in the life of my city and world. Give me integrity once more, O God, as we seek to be changed and transformed, with a new understanding and awareness of our common humanity.” -Christianity After Religion, P.84

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