Cupcake Karma

cupcakekarmaI’ve recently been brainstorming ways to promote joy, love, peace, and hope in my community. Lots of things come to mind, but I was looking through old pictures and I saw a picture of the Christmas presents I gave to my family and friends one year. I didn’t have any money, but I wanted to let my family and friends know that I truly appreciated all of their support in all of the ways that they give it. I decided to make giant cupcakes. No one was disappointed.

I think what made the cupcakes truly spectacular was the thought and love I put into the recipes and the fun I had whilst concocting them. Every year when I was a child, my favorite Christmas potluck item was a dessert I dubbed “Green Fluffy Stuff”. The love of this dessert precedes my earliest memories. My taste buds matured, but every year my aunt brought Green Fluffy Stuff to the potluck- just for me. A mixture of Cool Whip, pistachio Jell-O, pineapple chunks in pineapple juice, and miniature marshmallows, it is a sugar-coma in a spoonful (and I still love to have a spoonful every year). I decided that to honor my family, I would make the Green Fluffy Stuff Cupcake. I experimented with the ingredients and created a pistachio-pineapple cupcake, topped with marshmallow fluff and a pineapple ring. It captured the essence of our family potluck perfectly and everyone loved it!

I should disclose that the first recipe attempt came out a little too moist and would not hold a cupcake shape. My face definitely would have resembled the thought “mayyyybe???” while I experimented with the recipe.  Low and behold my family ate the crumbled cupcake filling with the same expression on their faces.

I would venture to guess that whatever emotion you are baking into your cupcakes, will be the fruit of your labors. If you have fun- and make an unappealing recipe- the tasters will likely laugh (with you) at the tragic cupcakes. If you’re frustrated, or too serious, you might end up with mildly distressed or ambivalent tasters. You reap what you sew. So get out there and make some love cupcakes. (Also available in all-natural vegan and diabetic friendly imagined recipes.)

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