I Had a Need – And It Was Filled

by Parker Johnson
Re-blogged from: [fly me to the moon]

“Christ’s mission. My mission.”
That’s what my friends in my faith community are saying in this video.

Community of Christ World Conference is a gathering of members from around the globe to reach consensus on issues facing the church. Historically, we, as a church, have made great changes and have reached new levels of inclusion across the spectrum. As a global faith community, we face a dynamic challenge in order to reach consensus on sensitive issues such as homosexuality. At the last World Conference, we decided as a community to allow each nation to make a decision – one that would fit with its cultural expectations, interests and customs. This year at the U.S.A. National Conference, this faith community overwhelmingly opened its arms to the LGBTQ community threefold.

1.To extend the sacrament of marriage, where legal in the U.S.A., to persons of the same sex/gender.
2.That a church-recognized way for two persons of the same sex/gender be available in places in the U.S.A. where marriage is not legal.
3.To allow a priesthood call to be processed according to established procedures regardless of sexual orientation.

Yesterday I had a need. Today it was filled.

You’ll find a truly international experience in the video below. It’s a tune that I don’t want to end.

** “Peace Through All People” is a collective singing of “Peace, Salaam, Shalom” written by emma’s revolution. This song is a part of The Community of Christ‘s new Hymnal, Community of Christ Sings, to be released Oct 18, 2013 (www.cofchrist.org/peacecolloquy/). It is representative of over 75 other songs we can sing collectively as a global family. The hymnal project sent Major Oak Productions with Joey Williams to record members and friends around the world singing songs from this collection. Take a moment to watch the unique voices that each one of us have to offer in the pursuit of peace

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