Lenten Spiritual Practice- Week 6



Our Lenten journey INTO THE WILDERNESS this week reminds us of the importance of matches, or any tool that can be carried with us to light and tend the fire of God. The ability to light a fire in the wilderness is essential. It can keep you warm when the nights are cold. It can light up a camp in the darkness. When your food runs out, you can cook over an open flame. In our spiritual lives, it is important to tend the divine fire inside. The fire represents joy, longing, transformation. For many in this community, moments of revelation and connectedness happen around a fire. As we approach the end of our Lenten journey, it is also the inward light that guides us on our way nearer toward God.

For reflection, journaling, or prayer-

  1. In what ways do you need the warmth and light of God?
  2. How are you being called to tend the divine flame within?


This week, how can you assist a friend, family member, or stranger, in discovering God’s light within them? What can you say or do to provoke hope or encourage them on their journey? How can you hold them in the light and warmth of God’s love?

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