In Sickness

There are many beliefs in the world about treating health conditions that are prevalent today. The First Church of Christ, Scientist, otherwise known as Orthodox Christian Science, traditionally rejects the use of any medical care, believing that illness is brought on by false beliefs and that only prayer can correct incorrect spiritual beliefs which pollute the mind and cause physical ailments.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the use of diet, herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage, and Qi Gong, are the remedies to all of our bodies’ problems, while most of Western society believes in Western medicine- visiting doctors to treat conditions via chemical medicines, surgical procedures, and other fixer uppers. Then there are the homesteader, sustainable living, organic elitists, who believe that only living in harmony with nature and letting nature’s course carry on is the best medicine. Maybe one would call it the “An Apple A Day” approach?


What is farthest from nature is what most of us rely upon. I prefer western medical treatment, considering the fact that I have epilepsy and the flickering of a light, being overtired, or a bump on the noggin could lead me to severe injuries due to falling, convulsions, and respiratory obstruction. I’ll take my lab created (S)-2-(2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)butanamide (whatever that is) any day over that!

The question is: What does God want us to do? My roommate recently took her dog to the vet where he was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia and was given two blood transfusions, placed on IV fluids, tube fed, and given many medications. The total veterinary bill was half of my annual salary. I could never have afforded to have treated this creature of God’s to this treatment, which would have resulted in his death. If I had owned my roommate’s dog his fate would have been entirely different.

So it is with humans. Depending on our finances, insurance, nationality, upraising, or religious beliefs, our fates can turn out completely different. Does God want us to do everything we can to save our fellow creatures? Does God want us to let nature take its course? Or should we fall somewhere in between? If so, where? When do we become negligent of God’s creatures? Can we ignore our natural creation due to fear of death to a point of blindly disregarding God’s plan?

One thing I know for certain. If one of God’s creatures’ lives is worth half an annual salary, then we are all worth such, as we are all created equal in the eyes of God. Our annual income, or job, or family, should not be what determines who lives and dies. Each person’s beliefs about their medical treatment should determine what medical care is implemented. How else can we explore our beliefs about how God wants us to best serve our fellow creatures and planet?

One thought on “In Sickness

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