Lenten Spiritual Practice- Week 3


Inward: Lenten Spiritual Practice Week Three

This week, we focus on spiritual and physical nourishment as we journey into the wilderness. We must have our daily bread to sustain our strength for the journey ahead. This week is also World Hunger Emphasis- raising our attention to the issue of hunger in our world and our local communities. The temptation with a metaphor like hunger is to liken spiritual hunger to physical hunger, which can sometimes dull our understandings of the injustice of people suffering and dying each day from bodily hunger. As we talk about spiritual hunger, we must do so with a clear recognition that many of us reflect from a place of privilege. Still- hunger in our world is also a spiritual issue. We, especially in the western world, are called to examine our attitudes and lifestyles in light of the realities of hunger and malnutrition. As the popular hymn goes, “I will not feast till the hungry are fed.” (Hymns of the Saints #388)

This week, we invite you to reflect on the metaphor of bread in the wilderness for the hungry in the world, for the spiritual hunger in your own life, and for the ways that God is calling you to respond to hunger in its many forms.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” -Frederick Buechner

“I don’t preach a social gospel; I preach the Gospel, period. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is concerned for the whole person. When people were hungry, Jesus didn’t say, “Now is that political or social?” He said, “I feed you.” Because the good news to a hungry person is bread.” -Bishop Desmond Tutu

“Once a month, I gather with community — some are friends; some I barely know. We tell stories of how God brought us out of difficult times and into freedom. This is bread for our journey together. We sit at the table with people who have hurt us.We trust that God will give us the grace we need to be more than we are. We drink in these promises of God. Once a month, I gather in community to learn friendship, fellowship and forgiveness from what Jesus did. . . and this kind of work requires a meal.” -Monica Coleman

  • Where does your deep gladness meet the world’s deep hunger?
  • In your spiritual life, what is bread for your journey?

Outward: Lenten Spiritual Practice Week Three

  1. http://www.bread.org Donate to an organization focused on ending global hunger such as Bread for the World. You can also get involved with their letter writing campaign to address issues of hunger domestically and internationally with your state representatives.
  2. http://outreach-international.org Donate a little extra to Outreach International or become a monthly donor for the first time. Support their mission of sustainable good!
  3. Donate your time at a local food pantry or food ministry or just have a meal with the homeless. http://www.maryskitchen.org, http://occatholicworker.org, or call Pastor Linda Read to spend time with Welcome Home congregation or to donate to the Love Lunches Ministry.
  4. Take a day to fast and be mindful of the hungry in your community. “I will not feast till the hungry are fed.” HS#388

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