Environmental Peace

Reblogged from: Orange Community of Christ’s “Peace Blog”
by Katie Harmon-McLaughlin

Orange, California, USA

Environmental Peace - Harmon

Sacredness of Creation

In the beginning, God created and called it all good.
Spirit and material, seen and unseen, are related.
Creation’s power to create or destroy reminds us of our vulnerability in this life.
God is still creating to fulfill divine purpose.
We join with God as stewards of care and hope for all creation.

Recently, Zac and I had the privilege and honor of representing Orange Community of Christ at the CA Interfaith Power & Light Energy Oscars in San Francisco. Our congregation was chosen as a finalist in the category of Environmental Education. Some wonderful Bay area church members came out to support us and were pleasantly surprised when they were greeted at the door, “Community of Christ- we love your enduring principle, sacredness of creation!”

We joined with sisters and brothers from many faiths as we listened intently and celebrated together what faith groups are doing all over the state of California to take better care of our earth and heal our climate crisis. From a small desert congregation fighting against all odds for cleaner, healthier air to Temple Glendale installing solar panels, I was overcome with spirit chills and tears of joys at the RELEVANCE of these communities responding to a sacred call to care for creation.

As the presentation was given about Orange Community of Christ, I had never been more proud of our little church! They shared about our organic, produce garden, our Peace Camp for neighborhood kids on “Peace for the Planet”, our intentional education about “Sacredness of Creation”, doing what we can with our facilities to become more earth aware, and much more. We did not win the award, but being in the presence of these faithful people as a partner in earth stewardship was reward enough.

Community of Christ was recognized that night as a denomination that cares about the earth and is taking relevant, practical steps toward living out our enduring principle “sacredness of creation.” In the midst of the complex issues of our time, we are not shrinking away, but becoming a beacon of hope. We went home with a renewed sense of potential and passion, and also a framed certificate of achievement to celebrate with our congregation!

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