2012 Young Adult Spirituality Retreat

This month about 40 young adults met at the Kirtland Spiritual Formation Center for our first-ever Young Adult Spirituality Retreat. Folks came from Ontario, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Arkansas, Maine, and Alberta.

It was a great chance to meet new CofChrist friends from all over!
The weekend included classes exploring our personal spiritual stories, church history tours, intimate worships in the Kirtland Temple, campfire, crazy minute-to-win-it games, and more. We had such a good time together that we hope to have another retreat next year!

The retreat was co-sponsored by the Kirtland Spiritual Formation Center and CofChrist Young Adult Ministries.
Special thanks to Bruce Crockett, the Kirtland Spiritual Formation Center Director. He led our classes and encouraged us to discover God!

Check out our slideshow to see everyone who came…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 thoughts on “2012 Young Adult Spirituality Retreat

  1. David Brock says:

    So good to see this, Erica. Bruce and Gloria Crockett are at our home this week. Bruce has told me quite a bit about the experience. Worthy of doing often. A fine group of young adults and facilitators and guides. I know you all put lots of thought and prayer and planning into it. Good to see all those Canadians in Kirtland as well! Happy Thanksgiving!

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