Nature and Politics

We find ourselves faced with many tough questions in these late election season days in the USA. Questions about what we truly believe is right, not only for ourselves, but for society as a whole. We may not even be sure what we think, yet we are faced with having to make a decision nonetheless. As I search for ways to understand these critical issues, I find it is extremely helpful to look at nature and study what happens naturally. Whether you believe God created nature as it is, or that nature is constantly evolving, nature is intelligent by design.

When faced with how to approach making changes in our constitution there are two roads which one may take. One road, is a revolution, in which a riot creates instantaneous change. We see this in environmental change. For example, an earthquake is one large upheaval which causes massive environmental changes. The other road, starts with a spark and builds momentum. Keeping with the spark metaphor, a massive, environment changing,  forest fire is caused by a small spark. Neither path to change is correct or incorrect. The question then is: which is more plausible? How many environmental changes are caused by an instantaneous cause, versus how many are caused by starting small and growing momentum?

This is so very important to keep in mind when we look at the road of our democratic nation. We must consider momentum being built or lost, or whether it is probable that an instantaneous change will occur. Regardless of candidate or issue, this thought process can be executed.

Change is not the only way to use nature as a window to God’s road map. When we look at ecology, every single organism relies on every other organism. We are currently watching populations and weather patterns spiral out of control, as one single factor goes amiss causes a collapse in nature as we know it. Political issues are no different. When we consider one proposal, we should not consider it as an independent issue. Each proposal ties directly in with another proposal. For example, if we increase the taxes that middle-class families pay, then the inability of families to support children will rise, which will create a need for more birth control, which will create a need for medical coverage to pay for that. Three of the hot-button issues being covered this election. To consider one issue independent of another is to ignore nature.

I write about this from a political viewpoint, as that is what is currently at the forefront of many of our minds. However, when I need advice in my everyday life about which roads or methods to use, I often use this same technique. God reveals things to us through nature, so in nature I seek God’s wisdom.

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