Celebrating Peace

Reblogged from: Orange Community of Christ’s “Peace Blog”
by Katie Harmon-McLaughlin

Orange, California, USA

But as far as what soothes me, what inspires and moves me,
honesty behooves me to tell you your rage doesn’t move me.
See, like the darkest of clouds my heart has a silver lining,
which does not harken to the loudest whining,
but beats and stirs and grows ever more
when I learn of the things you’re actually for.

-Taylor Mali, Silver-Lined Heart
(Read the whole poem.)

Peace-making is hard work. There is a lot to point out about what is going wrong, what should be fixed, what we can do better. With less than a month until the November election, we are hearing a lot of blaming, speaking out against, complaining, and cynicism. Political adds tend to be about what people are against rather than, as the Taylor Mali poems promotes, what they are actually for!

In the midst of this politically charged environment, there are people who are still, daily, working for peace. There are people who are feeding the homeless, advocating for the oppressed, caring for the environment, promoting well-being and safety in communities, educating our children, and living out Christ’s peace for the sake of the world now.

Each year Community of Christ gives out it’s International Peace Award at our Peace Colloquy to someone working for peace in our world. The list of past recipients is impressive; Jane Goodall, Dr. Halima Bashir, Ela Gandhi, Terry Tempest Williams, & Dr. Jean Vanier to name a few. This year, as we engage Nuclear questions, we are awarding Dr. Tadatoshi Akiba, former mayor of Hiroshima, Japan. (For more information, http://www.CofChrist.org/peacecolloquy/default.asp)

The Peace Colloquy weekend is, for me, one of the most empowering and exciting things our church does. For a whole weekend, we celebrate acts of peace being done around the globe and learn about how we can contribute.

Inspired by this incredible event, Orange Community of Christ has decided to give a Peace Award to a person or organization in Orange County, CA who is working for peace. We want to recognize the people in our community who are daily making a difference, showing us what they are FOR with the substance of their lives. We are currently taking nominations until December 1, 2012, and the Peace Award Nomination Form is on our website (www.cofchristorange.org).

If you live in the area or know of someone in the Orange County Area working for peace, nominate them! They may receive our Peace Award plus $5,000 to go to the charity of their choice, in their honor. We will present this award to the recipient at our Peace Award Ceremony on March 2, 2013. During this time, we will celebrate other acts of peace in our local community and learn how we can all be more involved.

Who do you know that is working for peace in your community? Together, let’s celebrate acts of peace where they are taking place and share with the world what we are for!

To Download the “Nomination Form” please visit our Orange Community of Christ News/Events Page.

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