An Old Pair of Shoes

I have a pair of shoes I can’t find the motivation to discard. I’ve worn them to the point where they are starting to break down.
I have a big foot, size 13 or 14 (depending on the brand.) So when I shop for shoes it’s hard to find a pair that fit just right – the kind of shoe you would want to commit to. I can’t remember how long I’ve has this pair of shoes. To me these are the type of shoes that after a week or two of wearing them my foot has found a groove and every time I put them on it’s like my foot knows where it’s going.

How often that is the case in life.
You find a groove and stick with it until something happens or you decide it’s time to make a new groove.
How often is this also the case with the church or our ministry?
How often in our congregation and ministry do we find something that works and stick with it until it dies – or well beyond?
To me the Mission Initiatives are a call to the church to find a new groove, a new perspective on ministries that have served us well. My favorite mission initiative is Abolish Poverty, End Suffering. I have taken that initiative and put it to work through my local Habitat For Humanity affiliate.

I am currently reading the book At Left Brain, Turn Right by Anthony Meindl. He writes, “Jane Fonda says she changed from ‘a noun to a verb,’ when she became involved in helping other people, relating to them beyond being famous.’ A verb is active and less ego-oriented. Being a verb means being defined by action, not by title.” To me that is what the Mission Initiatives are calling us to do: to change from being a noun to a being a verb.

Singer/Songwriter John Mayer sings of this logic with his song Love Is a Verb.

Love is a verb.
It ain’t a thing.
It’s not something you own.
It’s not something you scream.
When you show me love, I don’t need your words.
Yeah love ain’t a thing.
Love is a verb.
Love ain’t a thing.”

It is my prayer that each of us can move from a noun to a verb.

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