Faithful Community

by Scotty Blair
Member Support Associate, IHQ

When I was fifteen I joined Community of Christ. Since that time, I’ve been going to family camps (“Reunion” for all of you non-Central Missouri folk) and I love it. Even though they only happen once a year, this camp helps shape me into someone who is passionate about discipleship. The people at these camps have encouraged me, taught me, guided me, loved me, held me accountable, and now they work beside me in ministry. They have committed to me, and I am committed to them.

This year camp became even more special. My wife and I recently had our first child, and we took her to camp with us! She was only 6 weeks old, but we couldn’t imagine not going to camp or not bringing her with us. It required a little more work than usual on our part, but it was well worth it. Everyone fell in love with our little girl, and we were able to see the people around us commit to our child.

We know that as parents there will be a time when our little girl won’t be so little, and she’ll lean on others to get advice and guidance.  I know the same community that helped to shape me from age fifteen can have a much more meaningful impact on her. No longer is camp just about hanging out with friends, going to campfires, and doing the things that fill my spiritual needs. It’s now about keeping a little girl involved in a community of people that can help her to become a self-sufficient woman with a sense of value and self-worth.

I now understand the importance of my church family on a whole new level. I hope they understand how much my family needs them as I now understand how much they need me. We have to commit to faithful community. It’s one of the most sacred things we can do as individuals and as a church. May you have a deeper understanding of your role in your sacred community and commit wholeheartedly.

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