Belated Prophecy

Ok, next month, I PROMISE I’ll get back to the temple vs. cell topic.   I PROMISE.

A month or so ago, I was inspired by a conversation on Facebook. (My apologies, I cannot seem to locate the thread to provide proper reference). The conversation revolved around the relationship of our church’s policies towards homosexuals and our claim to be a prophetic people. Needless to say, I found this conversation to be thought provoking, and my mind has been nibbling on it ever since.

Let’s start with this question.    If you believe that we are a prophetic people, then what “things” would you highlight to backup that claim? In other words, in order to make such a statement, there have to be places, words, behaviors, policies, and so forth that we can identify to make this claim more than just pretty words.

I believe there are.

As a church, I believe we have the processes necessary to be a prophetic people.   I believe we have the artifacts (D&C) in order to document divine counsel. I believe we have the people and behaviors in place to develop the spiritual depth necessary to receive divine inspiration. But I believe we are lacking 1 critical element.   One card in a house of cards, that when removed makes the entire house of cards unstable at best and fall apart at worst.


Words of inspiration either come at a time where you are called to grow OR they come at a time where you need confirmation of where you are at or have been.

As a minister who is passionate for outsiders, the latter for the most part does not matter. Hearing divine words about where you are at hardly matters when you are struggling with the concept of God in the first place.

Divine wisdom and prophetic words are at their best when they are calling us to a place where we or society is not currently at.

I think it’s fair to say that we are lacking here.  We are not 10 years ahead of society, pushing hidden areas to the forefront of discussion, exposing new avenues of God’s grace and mercy. Instead, it feels that we are 10 years behind. Debating issues that most of society and many churches have resolved. Wrestling with conclusions that many have already reached. This is not what prophetic people do, this is simply playing catch up.

How do we resolve this?    I am not sure…

But if our desire is to be a relevant church with a prophetic body, we must take the call to lead society on issues of grace, mercy, and social justice. One that is 10 years ahead of its time and not 10 years behind.

God Bless – Brian

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