GPS for R&R

“When God closes a door, He opens a window”

A saying we hear all of the time, as easy to brush off as the cliché “every cloud has a silver lining” when a “glass is half full” type personality begins preaching. At times this is easy to see, especially when you’ve reached the end of a road and look back to see that the path you chose ended exactly where you had hoped it would. However, optimism can be a challenge when your internal GPS says “Take a left in fifty feet,” but you find a barricaded road.

Truly believing that God does everything for a reason allows me to ponder my current situations and realize that while I may not be getting what I wanted, maybe I am getting what I needed.

I work nearly non-stop, and every break I get I decide that I am going to go on a long hike to get some much need relaxation. At each opportunity, this plan fails me. Weather, crowds, dates, lack of knowledge; they all thwart my plans. What God seemed to realize was that while hiking can relax me, I have absolutely no intention of going on a relaxing hike. I am going to go on some strenuous hike which will result in skin peeling from my feet and aching muscles. This is because I am being driven by my societal and economic compulsions to lose the pounds I have packed on working in a less physically intensive environment. In return for not getting my way, I have been rewarded with excellent books, musical performances, and trips with friends. I am able to see that I need to let the map in my mind stop obstructing my view and listen to my God Positioning System. I find myself now flowing through my days like a river down the mountain, taking the path of least resistance… which is actually quite relaxing.

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