Small Steps

As children we are raised with high expectations. We are expected to achieve great things, regardless if we are ever told. It is assumed that we will continue to move society forward with discovery and knowledge. What I was taught in 3rd grade, now seems to be taught in 1st grade. We are in this race to have our children pick up wherever we leave off.

It is overwhelming. In church life it is no different. I keep hearing two sayings either “we are the church of today” or “we are the church or tomorrow”.  I watch my mentors and I am in awe of the things they have achieved and continue to do so fearlessly. I see ministries formed, hear  testimonies shared, and receive prayers from these mentors. They are so strong and I feel so weak. And yet I am expected to become a disciple as they are and beyond.

When we hear about the epic stories of ministry that are happening through out all the world, sometimes we feel insignificant. Instead of the story filling us up with the confidence of a superhero, we can begin to believe we are incapable of serving God in such a way. I have figured out that every story begins much smaller than what we end up hearing. Every story is filled with failure. Every story begins with normal people just like you and I. And most importantly, every story continues and closes with normal people just like you and I.

Great things begin small. God even starts us out small and grows us. As young adults we should expect great things from ourselves. We are each fully qualified to serve God.

I hate to say it, but tomorrow never comes. So stop believing you are the church of tomorrow. That will never happen. You are the church of today. You are a piece of this world community unified under Jesus Christ. Never stop growing in your discipleship. Always run towards God in all you do. Jesus made it very simple to the first disciples and continues today with us: “Follow Me”. What I think he should have added was: “And Hold On!”

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