Signal Communities…Make Responsible Choices

Signal Communities…Make Responsible Choices

Reblogged from: Herald Magazine’s “Connect | Engage | Inspire”
by Stassi Cramm – Council of Twelve Apostles

Making Responsible Choices is an important feature in creating signal communities. As part of the Restoration movement, we understand that God gives humans the ability to make choices in our lives: good or bad. We often refer to this idea as God granting us “agency.” We are agents of God when we choose to do good.

Agency is one of the generous gifts God gives to us. Agency is our ability to choose freely how we respond to God’s infinite love and grace. Using our agency wisely allows us to manage our time, giftedness, and resources to benefit our personal, family, congregational, and community life.
—“Receiving First”

Signal communities that modeled wise stewardship and making Responsible Choices have blessed my husband, Stephen, and me. When I arrived in Southern California on Christmas Day 1983 to join my new husband, our lives were changing significantly.

In Illinois, people knew us as single college students, and mostly they knew me through my parents. In California, no one knew my parents, and people were getting to know us as married engineers. We were young adults, beginning a new life with new careers in a new part of the world, and we had many choices to make.

Where would we live? How much would we budget to share, save, or spend? Would we make time to attend church regularly? Who would we be as professionals? How would we invest in our covenant of marriage? The list of choices seemed endless. We were starting with a blank page and writing a new story.

The good news was….
(Read the complete story here)

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