Adobe Moment

by Scotty Blair
Member Support Associate, IHQ
   In January, I had the opportunity to go with a group of young adults from Central Mission to build a church in Orica, Honduras. I’m going to skip the “how we got there” details and jump into my transformative experience. While we were in Honduras, we decided that we had enough material to work on some houses. We had enough resources to help 5 people, and so we divided and conquered. I was sent to a house that was made out of adobe. I couldn’t believe it! It took me back to 3rd grade when we learned about adobe houses. I remember hearing how they were made of mud and straw and other random items. I never would have imagined that I would see one unless it was at a historical exhibit. This material that I thought was becoming ancient history was still used by people today.

We had to tear down the adobe because it was collapsing. After we tore it down, I asked what we were going to be rebuilding with. I figured that we had some extra cinder blocks or something more structurally sound. Our lead builders told me that there was an adobe block maker up the road and that we would get 5 truckloads of blocks. Again, I was mind-blown! Sure enough, that was what we had to use to fix the house.

I listen to myself tell this story, and I feel like such an airhead. Before I went to Honduras, I knew that I would see poverty, experience a new culture, and all of those things that you hear from anyone that goes on a mission trip. While the level of poverty was surprising, that adobe house was one of the most memorable parts. My education and assumptions led me to the perception that there wouldn’t be a house made out of adobe in the 21st Century.

It’s in those moments that your reality is proven to be false that you have opportunity to change. For me, having my adobe moment was an opportunity for God to deepen my faith and hope in the life, ministry, and mission of Jesus Christ. I want to see poverty abolished and suffering ended more passionately than ever. May you take the time to find your adobe moment that awakens you to a renewed passion, restored hope, and a burning desire to serve.

One thought on “Adobe Moment

  1. David Brock says:

    Thank you, Scottie. We’re all better people for those “adobe moments” of life . . . and better for having read yours!

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