Birds of a Feather Flock Together

I used to awake each dark morning to the cackling and nagging of ravens. Nothing quite makes me cringe like the sound of a raven. I flashback to the beak of an injured raven clasped around my index finger, blood running down my hand, my eyes stinging, and my brain willing the bird not to follow its instinctual biting pattern of twisting, which would have snapped my finger in half. If we lived in Narnia, the ravens would certainly be working for the White Witch.

Now I awake to songbirds singing happy little songs in the sunshine. I feel like a princess when I wake each morning to see them darting around in the trees outside my window. In Narnia, these birds would be Aslan’s messengers.

It’s the same with people. When you are surrounded by the human version of ravens, it makes you cold, sad, tired, and hollow. You find yourself starting to sound more and more like a raven. All you see is black. Only the songbirds can help you see the light. Songbirds help you begin to smile and laugh more. You feel warm and you want to spread joy, love, peace, and hope. You see your potential to make the world a better place.

Songbirds not only teach you to be a songbird yourself, but they give you strength. They give you the strength to fly away from the ravens. Songbirds show you how horrible your raven croaking sounds amongst the beautiful soundtrack of your new songbird flock.

Stop being a raven and stop surrounding yourself with a flock that is so despondent. Fly away and join the songbirds. Fulfill your true potential to show others the light of God within you.

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