The Office of Mommy


For the past several months I’ve been considering what it means to be called to the office of Mommy. My little daughter, Allison, is nearly seven months old, and I have been so blessed to watch her little life grow. It’s a miracle to witness her personality unfurl and observe her developing relationships with the people around her. I, like millions of parents before me, have been spectacularly honored to participate as a co-creator with God! I couldn’t be more proud and more humbled at the same time.

I have spent a lot of time in prayer and contemplation wondering how this new role coincides with my call to ministry. In particular, I have considered how to lead Young Adult Ministries full-time and also raise a family. I’m certainly passionate about both! And I believe both deserve to be done as with as much care and quality as I can offer. But I realized that I cannot do both without compromising. I have decided to resign from my role leading Young Adult Ministries.

I’m both very sad and hopeful! It’s scary when God calls in a new direction, especially when that means understanding my identity in a whole new way. It’s hard to let go of the ideas I have in my head for what God has planned for my ministry. Who would have thought it would be an act of bravery for me to stay at home?! 🙂 But in my life this far, God has repeatedly called me to walk through doors without knowing what lies on the other side – and I’ve always been blessed in ways I could never have imagined. I’m sure you can relate to that.

There is much more that I had hoped to achieve for ministry with young adults in Community of Christ. I had plans to reinforce young adult ministry among the various priesthood offices, uplift mentoring relationships in the church, and build more intensive support systems and events for local young adult leaders. Maybe these will still come about in the next few years! I’m also sad to no longer work alongside my gifted colleagues in church leadership. Community of Christ is lead by some passionate, prolific folks who seem to be able to do a little bit of everything. I’ll miss working with them!

And finally, I have been happy to serve with so many young adults and local young adult leaders! Time and again I’m blown away by your spiritual sensitivity to the needs of the people you serve. I have seen courage as you find creative ways to offer ministry in a church that still feels “owned” by older generations. And I’m encouraged by your willingness to say “yes” to serving in the faith community when the world tells us we should serve ourselves alone. I’ve been so proud to be your teammate and supporter in ministry! There’s no doubt this church will continue to bring peace and reconciliation in the world as you take leadership!

I will remain in the Young Adult Ministries role until a new person is hired, most likely this fall. (If you’re interested, you can find a position description and apply here.) And I’m not falling off the planet – I plan to stay involved as a volunteer. I look forward to spending time raising Allison and focusing more attention on my priesthood responsibilities locally. Thanks to all of you for five years of fun and adventure!

Peace and Hope,

6 thoughts on “The Office of Mommy

  1. Erica Blevins Nye says:

    Thanks for your support Brian, Sydney, Bob, and Darrell! You are so encouraging! I have mixed emotions about this transition, and you help me feel appreciated and loved. I’m happy to be on the “CofChrist Team” with you now and into the future!

  2. Darrell Belrose says:

    Hi Erica,
    I am not one of your Young Adults who has been following the ministry of Young Adults on the web site but instead have been following it as an advocator for Y.A. ministries in my mission centre here in Western Canada. Erica, I just wanted to take a moment to salute you in making this decision to focus on you role as Mommy. This is one of the highest callings that any one person can make in the life of the church and community. I am sure that this decision to resign has not been an easy decision as I have also seen your passion for the Y.A.’s over the years at staff mtgs. and hearing about your passion from our young adults here in CWM. Erica, you have blessed the church over these past years in your role and I know that you will continue to bless the church locally and globally as you continue to advocate for our youth.
    May God richly bless you Erica and bring you tremendous joy in your ongoing ministry as Mommy, Priesthood member and advocate for our youth of the church plus the many other “hats” that you undoubtedly wear and revolve around, all the time. Erica, thanks so much for your ministry given and your ministry to be given in the future. I am so excited with your Mommy role and know from the few times that our paths have crossed that you will be a tremendous caring, young woman to your daughter and that you will guide Allison in the paths of Christ-likeness always.

    Congregational Support Minister

  3. Bob Dobkins says:

    Thank you Erica from Eugene OR. You will be missed but you will be and are a great mother. at 70 I don,t own anything or anyone and hope that we stop say the young are the church of the future. they are not. You are the church of today and we need to hear and accept you ministry now because if we don,t there will be no church in the future. God bless you in your calling as a mother, wife Priesthood member and a member of this great church.

  4. Erica,
    Thank-you for living out our calling- as YA leader and now as a mommy. I have been blessed by your leadership as has many others as well! I applaud you on our bravery on this new adventure! Blessings!

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