Natural Breathing

Breathe. Something our brain is programmed to do from the second we are born. How often do you consider your breathing?

In Aramaic, Jesus’ native tongue, Jesus name is literally the sound of breath. In the Old Testament, Moses asks to know God’s name, and God replies with four Hebrew consonants which make the sound of breath. In China, Qi, which translates to breath, is a large part of medicine, home decorating, and martial arts. Following the Noble Eightfold Path of Bhuddism includes meditating, concentrating on one’s breath to clear the mind. Yoga, teaches pranayama, or breathing, as a means through which to live life. Breathing is life.

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. Genesis 2:7

Breathing is essential to all human life, and yet most people go day in and day out without consideration of it. When you watch a baby breathe, the baby’s stomach rises and falls. Babies represent something that has not yet been tainted by the world; baby breathing reflects this. Now look at your own breathing. Your stomach is probably still as your chest rises and falls. You have forgotten how to breathe correctly… and you didn’t even notice. Natural breathing occurs through your nose, fills up your stomach first, and empties it last. And there is a PAUSE between inhale and exhale. Yes, we are made to pause thousands of times a day. What if you were thinking about just a fraction of those pauses? Would your life change?

Natural, mindful, breathing calms the mind. It reduces stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and insomnia, while increasing focus and balance. Conscious breathing also heals the body by reducing muscle tension and pain, hypertension, insulin sensitivity, GI problems, and fatigue. It also aids in reducing cholesterol, treating eating disorders, and increasing weight loss. And, yes, it is a spiritual practice. As I mentioned earlier, many people believe that with each audible breath we take, we speak the name of God. Each breath is a prayer. Wouldn’t it do you some good to take the time to make those prayers deep and thoughtful?

Don’t wait another breath. Improve your body, mind, and spirit starting now.
Just take a long, deep, breath, and pause.

3 thoughts on “Natural Breathing

  1. karlijo says:

    I love it too! One of my favourite things about yoga is the focus on breath, and also our collective final “om” at the end of each class. It sounds like how God would sound like to me, all of us breathing on the same frequency.
    Will come back to this post often, thank you!

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